Who We Are

We Make Cutting-Edge Web, Mobile & Enterprise Solutions

KJK Africa is a Software Design and Development company based in Lagos, Nigeria, registered as KJK Communication Limited.

We are a group of talented, trained, motivated, and dedicated web design professionals; we place our clients’ needs and expectations above and beyond everything else, while maintaining integrity in our dealings.

We help start-ups and fast-growing tech companies build successful and scalable products that users love. Our forte are agile and dedicated teams of brilliant minds who rock in Web, Mobile, Corporate E-Brand, Enterprise Development, Desktop Development, and Business Technology Consulting.

At KJK Africa, we draw on our business acumen, technology, and branding expertise to deliver technology products and services that are


Easy to Use


Consumer friendly


Currently, we deliver value through our
core services:

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Business Technology Consulting

Corporate E-brand

Desktop Development


Leveraging technology to build software, create ready-to-market tech product for corporates, non-profits and the public service; to create ease and solve problems in our day-to-day activities..

Our Vision

IBM of Africa in 10 – 20 years

Revolutionize impact in businesses and communities within Africa through technology.

Our History

KJK Africa began as KJK Designs Company, a Web Design and Development Company, which was incorporated as an enterprise in June 2014. In 2015, we became incorporated as a private limited liability company. Since incorporation, KJK Africa has served over 100 clients in different industries.

We have successfully built compatible technology and designed systems that have successfully reduced production cost, increased productivity and revenue for businesses that choose to work with us.

We are persistently working towards continuous improvement and stretching our potential. At present, we have succeeded in developing technology-based models and tools that serve to identify our client's specific requirements and cater to addressing them effectively and efficiently. For the foreseeable future, we are focused on helping businesses improve their production process, foster enduring customer relationships, and revenue.