Services Offered:

  • Web Platforms and Applications
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
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Black Moses Entertainment


March 2014

The Product:

An online Anonymous Chat room with a forum and a blog to share life’s topics and issues. An on-demand emotional wellbeing service that connects people securely with real counsellors in one-on-one chat. Chazblive aimed to build a community of devoted listeners to the show SLIWCB (Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B).

ChazB Live Product Overview

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The Challenge:

In 2014, Black Mosses Entertainment, in a bid to meet evolving customer behaviour and increase audience reach, turned to KJK Africa to build a web platform that hosted its counselling and care deeds. Also encouraging community activities, connecting real people to seasoned and devoted counsellors.

At that time, the Show on Radio (Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B) was a highly rated program, that ran for One Hour, Thirty Minutes on Mondays-Fridays, weekly. Due to its popularity, it needed a platform that would create more time to listen and hear from its devoted listeners.

Our Understanding:

Black Moses Entertainment wanted to use technology to meet the growing demand for counselling services through digital platforms, consolidate its relationship with existing customers and also improve audience reach. We recommended a website platform to connect a wider range of audience and building an Online Radio on the Andriod and iOS Mobile platforms to not only connect and reach more people but to also give unlimited time for devoted listeners to reach the program and share life issues.

In the process, making revenue through Ads that comes from high traffic audience that hits all the online platforms.

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Our Approach:

Before building the products for the platform, we performed market research to examine the viability and determine the best UI design. With the research data, we made recommendations to the client, which was accepted. Afterwards, we set the deliverables for the project.

The project was executed using agile methodologies. This way, our client could make adjustments, and we would make changes in real-time.

For easy management, we designed a customized content management system for the web platform. This allowed our client to update the content on the website effortlessly.

Final Result:

After several weeks of work, our team delivered a responsive website that was easy to use, fluid, and interactive. The site made it possible for people to access emotional wellbeing services provided by our client. Also, the website supported community networking between emotional wellbeing enthusiasts.

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ChazB Live Product Overview

Products delivered:

  • Brand Logo
  • Responsive website
  • A News/Blog Application
  • Social Networking Application
  • Radio Web Connector
  • Customized Anonymous Chat Rooms
  • Content Management Systems
  • Interactive Forms
  • Security/Malware/SSL Protections
  • Code Guard Backups

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