Services Offered:

  • Web Platforms and Applications
  • Creatives
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National Economic Reconstruction Funds (NERFUND) MDA


August 2015

The Challenge:

NERFUND needed a web platform that could receive loan applications, provide substantial information about its services and recent developments.

Website View

Website View

Our Understanding:

NERFUND wanted a virtual office (website) that business owners could visit to get vital information about business loans and funding from the MDA. Also, the website would have the capacity to collect loan application and provide feedback.

Our Approach:

Since NERFUND needed a website primarily to provide information to Nigerian business owners and accept funding requests, we used a minimalist design approach to build the web platform. The website was made to be responsive and the layout designed for easy navigation.

The colours on the Logo and theNigerian flag, green and white; inspired the colours of the website. Due to the short delivery timeframe for the project, we worked on the project using one of the foremost Agile methodologies, Extreme Programming. This involves a high level of collaboration with our client and a minimum of up-front documentation.

Mobile View

Website View

Final Result:

The project was completed within the set timeframe. We delivered a responsive website and a custom management system. With these products, NERFUND was able to communicate effectively with its audience and collect loan requests.

Products delivered:

  • Mobile Website
  • Content management system
  • Interactive Forms
  • A News/Blog Application
  • Creatives
  • Security/Malware/SSL Protections
  • Code Guard Backups

NERFUND Product Overview