Afiaanyi - First B2B e-Commerce Platform

Written by Abiola Akinwoleola

 Working on this project "Afiaanyi", was quite the change we needed as at the time it came. We had worked with quite a lot of businesses doing B2B, but we had recently adjusted our vision scope to encompass creating solutions for the society at large. Solutions that could help change society and make it a better place to live in. What better opportunity could we have asked for than a B2G product with a state government?

Client: Anambra State Government and Pandora Investment Limited

How it all began?

Pandora Investment limited approached KJK Africa with a job to build an online business directory, specifically as Anambra state business directory: for businesses in Anambra state. The vision behind the project was to connect businesses across the state, thereby improving trading and product pricing.

Our understanding:

As at the inception of this initiative, the state government did not have a directory of businesses in Anambra state, the idea of creating a directory for contacts only seemed crucial but limited in possibilities as well as in execution. We believed that our client would do much more to encourage commerce between businesses in Anambra State. Taking on any project in KJK Africa, we do not just take it as "the client has said", we always play the part of the business technology consult, where we always ensure we can tap into all the possibilities/opportunities available with each project. So, we set up a team of distinguished members of our staff, looked into the request of our client and saw several possibilities that could make the project much more useful to those traders seated in their store from dawn till dusk, and make access to their business easier.

Our Observation

The Igbos are a tribe in the eastern part of Nigeria who is often referred to as the "hustlers" in the country, a title the country has accepted that they truly have earned from their different endeavors from trading internationally and locally. After meticulously brainstorming on how to engage this task that we had accepted out of the thrill of building scalable products that would help humanity, we came up with an e-commerce platform that would serve as a directory for all businesses within the state, help with uniform product pricing while at the same time, make life easier for the businesses which it was built for. It was the perfect product that we could offer our clients after considering all the stakeholders involved. We pitched this new product to our client who quickly recognized the opportunity this posed for the businesses within the state.

The product we pitched:

We pitched a B2B E-commerce platform for Eastern Nigeria that offers a market place for businesses to buy and sell products and services. The product would be designed to connect Local Businesses and Brands to the world by providing E- tools for sellers and suppliers to gain a global audience, delivering peace of mind to business owners looking for marketing and visibility support. What we did: We had considered the viability of the project, we advised our client to expand the vision of the project to a marketplace. With this vision, the platform would support inter-commerce between businesses in Eastern Nigeria instead of companies in Anambra state. Pandora investment accepted our suggestion and commissioned KJK to execute the project.

It took over six months of coffee, coding, and creating design concepts that will be required for the different products associated with the project. The Solutions we provided Afiaanyi was launched with much fanfare. The Anambra state government solidly backed the project, and it has since thrived as a marketplace with a national outlook. The final products;

A brand name:

We started by coining an indigenous name for the platform, Afia n anyi. Indeed the brand name we created resonated with the target market, it became more personal to businesses, aside from the fact it came in their dialect, and it also personalized the brand to the sector.

A brand logo:

In creating the logo, we understood that the easterners are indeed a people rooted in rich tradition and so, it would only be proper if this was taken into account while creating the logo

An e-commerce website:

We created an e-commerce website which served as a virtual/digital store for each business owner where they can have customers from every "corner" of the world request for their goods and service.

 Android and iOS:

The customer always deserves the option with which he or she can access a solution, this is why we developed applications for the site that allowed consumers to access the service through their devices be it on Android or iOS.

A business directory:

this was their initial request, which we had helped broaden the vision to a much more scalable product and our job would have been incomplete if we had not done justice to the request

A top brands platform that connected mega businesses:

arriving at this goal was not an easy feat, but putting all our efforts together, we were finally able to put forward a product that was KJK Africa worthy. Afiaanyi Web portal

In conclusion, we always give the thumbs up where it is due, and the Team that made this happen deserves it. It truly takes more than just a software developer to take up a project look at its viability and scalability, recognize the opportunities available, and exploit them. It also goes the other way, with clients who can give partners the wiggle room to help get the best out of their vision.                                                                                                 

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