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Tru-DATA was quite the challenge, as a solution that needed to be revamped, as well as the re-strategizing of the products business development model. In other words, it could be referred to as a Digital Transformation attempt gone wrong.

However, since we at KJK Africa live for the challenge, delivering solutions that are efficient and scalable, we took up the project.

Let us take a walk down memory lane

The Client:

Tripple Gee & CO. PLC is a manufacturer of financial instruments, secure and commercial documents, labels, and flexible packaging materials. Their range of products and services is instrumental across industry sectors from the banking industry, government regulatory bodies, and oil and gas to pharmaceuticals and FMCG manufacturers.

With over 37 years in the print business and a solid track record working with financial institutions, big organizations and governments

The challenge: In 2018, Tripple Gee and CO. PLC, approached KJK to work on a non-performing product (tru-DATA), which was billed to support its expansion plan.

The Product: Tru-DATA

A mobile application that makes document verification processes easy

When KJK was contracted to salvage the application, we set up a special team consisting of our genius staff, led by our business expert and CEO, Jumoke Oduwole, to work on the project.

Upon taking on this project, our first step was to examine the application, to identify its shortcomings and then determine the best way to sell it to the market.


What we did

To better understand this new project we took on, our first course of action was to carry out several surveys to identify the following:

What is the problem?

Why is this a problem?

What is not working?

Why is it not working?

How do we solve this problem?

How do we develop the business model?


Answering these questions, as well as others related to it was quite the hectic saga, but we knew this was just the preliminary stage and the challenge was only just getting interesting.

Our Observations

At the time, TrippleGee was actively searching for viable methods to diversify its portfolio, increase relevance, and scale revenue. The company identified mobile technology as the next step and invested in tru-DATA, a mobile application that makes document verification processes easy. Sadly, tru-DATA did not meet the expectations of the company and was turning into a time and money sink.

From the survey, we were able to determine that the solution (Tru-Data) itself was, a game-changing Digital Transformation; which led to another question. What went wrong?

Was it that its markets were not yet ready for this huge change? The product itself did not deliver the solutions it proffered? Was is it a marketing issue? So many questions, but we had to ask these questions because we needed to get it right. At long last

At the end of our survey, we established that:

The app failed to attract users and potential investors.

It wasn't easy to use and did not provide options to potential customers.


Some of the observations we made include:

The app had a tacky user interface, which made the user experience poor.

The service was only accessible through the web

The service lacked a defined branding and presentation


This goes to help us understand that sometimes, it is just not about creating a unique solution that makes the solution a success, the ambiance and experience while using the solution matters a lot, almost equated to the solution itself


We created a task sheet from the details of our observation and the requests of our client. The project was executed using agile methodologies. This way, Triple Gee could make adjustments, and we would make changes in real-time based on the feedback.


Improvements We Implemented

In the end, our team developed a robust ecosystem of applications that were easy to use, fluid, and interactive. Here is what we did differently:

Options: Understanding that the market wants to have various options in accessing the solution, we gave them exactly what they wanted. The apps made it possible for customers with iOS or Android devices to install and use. Thereby, eliminating the problem of having difficulty in accessing the solution.

Ease of use: We ensured the ease at which end users can get the best out of the solution tru-DATA in three steps. This made the product much less easy for a simpleton to get the job done.

Branding: We also decided to give the product a new "Makeover", that made the user experience exquisite. Ensuring that it was much more pleasing to the users, which made them enjoy their time on the product. We also created a logo for the product that helps communicate the personality of our client and sent the right message to the subconscious.

New Business Model: During our survey, we were able to help identify new and potential customers, developed a customer acquisition approach. The process also ensures the retention of these customers.

Presenting tru-DATA re-positioned as a "user-friendly mobile and web application that is developed to authenticate documents, progressively eliminate counterfeiting, and ease document verification processes. tru-DATA is also an e-platform for retrieving, reclaiming, and repossessing documents easily."

Products delivered

To thoroughly accomplish our goal to create scalable solutions for our clients, we made available the following:

tru-DATA's iOS SDK and iOS

tru-DATA Android Versions for different clientele

tru-DATA Windows (Desktop) Client

tru-DATA Web Portal

tru-DATA Print Applications


The Success Story

The radical change the product (tru-DATA) had undergone paid off immediately. With several months to the completion time, Triple Gee secured a document verification contract with Dangote Group worth 2 Million dollars. Even right now, tru-Data has been able to attract investors of all sorts.


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